All businesses need to get paid for what they do. So do we. But we have chosen the path without a sales team. In my opinion, even the best salesperson won't be able to sell something that customers don't value. So the culture here at Anancion is to create value that sells itself. Below are few of the philosophies we believe in due to which we don't ever need a sales team:

Customer Advantaged Services and Offerings

In simpler words, providing the highest quality services at a much better and competitive price point.

While designing our services and offerings, we keep our current and prospective customers in the focus. This helps us weed out the unnecessary and only keep the elements that are sure-shot to be helpful to the customers.

This helps customers avoid the excessive charges and helps us avoid the over-commitment about something the customer won't even bother with. A win-win!

Build Relationships, Not Just Clients

A customer for us is much more than just sales. When we are approached by an existing or potential future customer, we don't rush to just sell them a service (even though they might be more than happy to take it).

We take time to sit down with them, understand their needs (preferably over a cup of coffee 😄), help them distinguish between their requirements and their wants. This helps to weed out the clutter, and have a clear goal of what is expected out this engagement.

In the process, we also guide them with various options they might have and the effect of each option from both - timeline and financial perspective. Even though this exercise often translates to a reduced revenue for us, still we feel happy and content to have guided the customer in right direction.

Value for us: In the process, we turn the professional engagement into a relationship!

Every customer is our most valuable customer

Every business has a subset of their customers characterised as their "Most Valuable Customers".

For us though, all of our customers are Our Most Valuable Customers. Because, all of our customers are select customers, who value quality over quantity, and they understand the significance of a easy to use and navigate around, user-friendly end product.

We ensure, at all the times to never let any of our customers down, and not make any far-fetched commitments or over-promise something that may not be viable. This helps build the trust and prestige.

Value for us: Our customers trust that our advice and opinions are in their best interest.

Our Customers Are Our Best Ambassadors

Because our customers trust us, value our services, and know that we have their best interest at heart, they become our Best Ambassadors.

Our customers recommend Anancion to their peers, colleagues, friends and relatives, and when we get in contact, and they experience our service, they also become our Our Most Valuable Customers.

Value for us: We don't feel the need of a sales team, because we know our happy and satisfied customers will bring in more business. And this is what encourages us to deliver even more value, more passionately to our customers!

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Until next time, cheers!

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